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The Global Petition to Change the Name of Planet Earth to Planet Love

The words we use to define our world directly influence how we live in it. When we speak words that possess the highest and best meaning, we create for ourselves a world that reflects the meaning imbued in these words. And what is higher than Love? Shouldn't "love" be the word we all use to describe our home? When we speak the word "love" to describe our world, we generate the experience of all that which love means. Imagine everyone speaking the word "love" every time we speak of the planet on which we live.

For the first time in recorded history, as a commitment to love, this global petition has been presented for the sake of humanity and all other living beings as a confirmation of the love we share... a testament that this generation is the one to take bold action and bring more love to the planet we call home... a sincere gesture to future generations that we hold love as the highest principle by which we lead our lives.

You are invited to help bring more love to the world by signing the global petition to change the name of Planet Earth to Planet Love.

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# Full Name Country State/Province/Region City  
79 Meir Hurwitz Israel Haifa Kibbutz Kfar HaMaccabi  
    Comments: Onwards
78 Scott Dauman United States North Carolina New Bern  
77 Rodrigo MaxxiimGames Brazil São Paulo Santos CLICK FOR A MAP
    Comments: http://youtube.com/MaxxiimGames Flamingo Fred
76 Anthony Arevalo United States Texas Donna  
    Comments: Better to be planet love than planet war
75 Loz Barber United Kingdom South Gloucestershire Bristol  
74 Christian Prather United States Kentucky Louisville  
73 Robin Lizi Germany NRW .  
72 Rosa-Caitilin Monaghan Clarke United Kingdom Buckinghamshire Great Missenden  
71 Mike Rose Paine United States Nevada Las Vegas  
    Comments: I love Planet Love
70 Matthew Keating United States California San Jose  
69 Bojan Pavlovic Germany Hessen Wiesbaden  
68 Joel Gabriel Borstad United States California Shingle springs  
    Comments: I agree that words can change your reality ❤✌
67 Leeland Tracey United Kingdom Scotland Ayrshire  
66 Farhan Aslam United States Illinois Chicago  
65 Inet Ryconydot Canada Ontario Toronto  
    Comments: Planet Love! Why didn't we think of this before???
64 Susan Pes Czech Republic Czech Republic Kralupy Nad Vltavou  
    Comments: Planet Love is the best idea ever!
63 Filippe Trove Canada Canada Quebec  
    Comments: The planet is beautiful with LOVE
62 Shawn Six United Kingdom United Kingdom Stirling  
    Comments: Love is the best thing in the world
61 Roberto Carlos Malta Valletta  
    Comments: What a great idea! Love is life!
60 Nikola Busic Yugoslavia Serbia Smederevska Palanka  
59 Katherine Ala United States New York Saint James  
    Comments: anything to help the world be a better place
58 Nate Brenner United States CA Hollywood  
    Comments: LOVE is always the best thing to give
57 Daniel Russell United States Alaska Willow  
    Comments: Earth means dirt. "Love" is a flower!
56 Maria van de Loo Germany NRW Xanten  
55 chris barnette United States California San Diego  
54 Michael Woolley United States New Jersey Paterson  
    Comments: Love is everything and everything is love
53 chris barnette United States ca temecula  
52 JMichael Fields Italy Marche Pieve Torina  
51 Mushtaq Wattu Pakistan Punjab Faisalabad  
    Comments: I love everybody :)
50 Janine Laura Bronson Israel Central Netanya  
49 Cedric Misseghers Belgium Belgie Gent  
48 jihed laazibi Tunisia sousse sousse  
    Comments: good
47 Hector Vincent Melero United States California San Diego  
    Comments: PEACE, LOVE & LIGHT
46 Jose Manuel Rodrigues Monteiro Portugal LISBOA OEIRAS  
    Comments: why not? we can...
45 Rhonda Jeanette Gutierrez United States Texas League City  
44 Carrie L United States WApredicates hershor Seattle  
43 Judy Batchelor Helms United States Ohio Whitehall  
    Comments: I LOVE OUR PLANET LOVE!!!
42 haleyheart keepers United States peaceful intention loving thoughts  
41 Craig Babcock United States Washington Tacoma  
    Comments: Love is what we need more of all the time
40 Suzzan Babcock United States Washington Tacoma  
    Comments: We support all who unite the world with love
39 Edie Weinstein United States Pennsylvania Dublin  
    Comments: Love is what we are. <3
38 Elroi (Roy) Sadeh-Kleinveld Israel HaMerkaz Ramat Gan  
37 joel sam... Israel je Lod  
36 Paul Peden United States NV Henderson  
35 Ryan Lewis Rukvina United States SouthEast Alabama Dothan CLICK FOR A MAP
    Comments: Thank you this is beautiful
34 Luke LaRue Canada British Columbia Vancouver  
    Comments: Wonderful! :o)
33 Victor Weinstock Mexico DF México  
32 חזי אהרוני Israel מרכז רמת גן  
31 ohad morag Israel israek tel-aviv  
30 Ronit Kolchesky Israel Mishor-Hachof Tel-Aviv CLICK FOR A MAP
    Comments: Let it be
29 Gail Kelly United Kingdom Scotland West Lothian  
28 Stan Atamanchuk United States North Carolina Wilmington  
    Comments: YES!
27 wilfrida onyango achieng` Kenya nyanza kisii  
    Comments: we build our planet when we love one another
26 Nicole Pisciotto United States California San Diego  
25 Ruth King United Kingdom Berkshire Bracknell  
24 jason yip Hong Kong hong kong hong kong  
23 Ratko Cerovic Yugoslavia Montenegro state Podgorica  
22 junior jules United States Fl/fort myers/southwest fort myers/ lee county  
    Comments: planet love sounds great.
21 Amir Baum United States CA San Diego  
20 Leanne Collier United States California San Diego  
19 aviva ish shalom Israel israel ramat gan  
18 Dr. Ashish M. Gaikwad India Maharastra Mumbai CLICK FOR A MAP
    Comments: That is a good thought, we need more love :)
17 Angie Land Mexico BC Tijuana  
16 yafit binyamini Israel isreal Tel Aviv  
    Comments: love and nature
15 Danielle Crawford United States Washington Bellingham  
14 Kathleen Gabriel United States WA Carnation  
    Comments: Love is our whole world, love is life!
13 Franci Curtis United States Washington Vancvouver  
12 Ravindu Randana Wickremeratne Sri Lanka Western Province Matugama  
11 Eliana Tryon Canada Saskatchewan Harris  
    Comments: We need love
10 Sarah Hirsh-Meydan Israel Maagan Michael  
9 Janet Negron United States Naples Florida  
7 Beata Husztik Germany Bayern Fürth  
6 Alexa Levine United States California La Mesa  
5 uzi hen Israel negev beer shave  
4 Nancy Fullerton Canada Manitoba Winnipeg  
3 Cheryl Nassar United States California Norco  
    Comments: Lovely idea!
2 Jay Ligda United States CA San Francisco  
1 Yaron Farzan Canada British Columbia Vancouver CLICK FOR A MAP
    Comments: We are love.